Audi Mechanics, Repairs, Maintenance in Sunshine Coast

audiAs an independent Euro Car specialist, we provide quality services for all Audi models at better rates than official dealers. Our mechanics have serviced virtually every Audi model throughout the years from the old A4 and Cabriolets in the 90s, to the newer models including Q3, A4, A6, A7, and A8.

Northern Volks’ consultative approach to repairs and maintenance will guide you through the different choices available, and all the pros and cons.

Why choose Northern Volks over local Sunshine Coast dealer servicing?

Audi maintenance, service and repairs can cost you an arm and a leg if you go to their authorized local dealers in Sunshine Coast. Choose Northern Volks to save money on your next Audi service.

Our services for Audis include:
- Log Book Services
- Safety and Performance Tuning
- Body Repairs
- Detailing
- Engine maintenance and reconditioning
- Tyres, Wheels, Suspension, and Underchasis
- and more

About Audi
Audi is considered one of the big 3 German Luxury Brands. It has a rich history spanning back in the late 19th century with it’s founder, August Horsch.

Audi is a majority owned subsidiary of parent Volkswagen Group.

Brands we service and repair